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Eau de Cologne



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How to choose a perfume

Each fragrance or cologne comprises of various “notes.” These notes decide the general aroma. These notes comprise of three unique layers called base, best, and center notes, and they all work in cooperative energy to make a particular scent. A few fragrances, for instance, would be viewed as flower and contain diverse aroma notes like rose, gardenia, or geranium. Others might be somewhat fruitier, with hints of citrus or apple. Extraordinary scents contain hot notes like star anise or even cinnamon. Men’s fragrances have different notes also. Musk fragrances have a heavier, more manly tone, while others may have smelled like pine or considerably cowhide based notes. It is dependably a smart thought to figure out which sorts of cologne or fragrance you favor and afterward observes which base notes they contain before settling on a buying choice. You can take in more about the diverse notes used to make cologne and fragrance with a specific end goal to show signs of improvement thought of which ones you think will suit your tastes.

The No. 5 Scent by Chanel

Chanel released the fifth and latest iteration of its No. 5 scent – a long line of perfume initially introduced in 1921 by Gabrielle Chanel. It’s a total remake of the iconic scent which has been among the flagship of perfumes marketed by the luxury brand Chanel. The scent first made its way to public as a perfume intended to capture the essence of a complex woman at that time. Made out of a combination of ingredients such as jasmine, bergamot, sandalwood and the famous ylang-ylang flower the perfume designer triumphed over the different scents at that time which often consisted of only a single note.

The perfume was a success because the production that goes into making the perfume was revolutionary during that time. To add complexity to the scent, the couturier included aldehydes – a synthetic component which is a first.  Together with the great marketing strategy made by the luxury brand, the perfume established itself as an emblem of a modern woman.

But as time changes the perfume must also improve to accommodate the scent of modern times especially with fashion evolving daily. And that’s where the fifth iteration advances the line of this scent. The scent is reinvented to make it fresher and cleaner for a rapidly changing consumer while maintaining the essence which made it a success.

The perfume has a flowery scent thanks to the oils which according to a source comes from Centifolia rose fields in Grasse, France. This estate is owned Mr. Mul which is a 6.5 acres of roses in Pegomas he inherited from his grandfather. The roses of the field are marketed exclusively only for Chanel over the last 30 years. The site also has a factory for extracting oils for Chanel’s other fragrances.

This not only ensures that the quality of the scent is maintained by Chanel itself but also that the scent is unique. Also, this proves that Chanel is determined to be a luxury brand by having its products made from premium ingredients.

To attract not only just the modern women but also the hippie teens that constantly look for something to make a fashion statement, Chanel made the fifth iteration a little edgy by adding some lemon and orange over the scent of the perfume. At the centre of the scent, you can smell that notes of rose combined with jasmine. Surely the fragrance will instantly make you a chic – a modern name for a stylish sophisticated woman.

Extreme Makeover

So a friend tells you about having a plastic surgery.  Perhaps because she wanted to look better or wanted a change. How would you react? Would you feel it’s okay? Perhaps you too have something you want to change in your body. Would you want to opt for a surgery?

If you feel that you have flaws you need to correct in your body and thought of a surgery to fix the problem then you’re not the only one having these issues. The truth of the matter is that aesthetic surgeries have become a thing these days to fix ‘imperfections’. To the point where they’re much like having your teeth fixed or having a new haircut. A study revealed that as much as 1.7 million cosmetic surgeries have been done across America alone in the year 2016. It’s a pretty huge number I know.

But this doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. It simply reflects how numerous people are insecure of their body and how the “perfect” nose or the “perfect” buttocks are accepted as the norm in today’s standard.

And people are being indifferent about it. Some would say that if you want it and you feel like that would make you happy then who is everyone to tell you what to do with your body. That may be true but this also leads to a dangerous environment for people who’ve undergone those surgeries, some of whom will at some point regret that they’ve done it. 

So what’s causing this thing you ask? Well, you can blame just about any celebrity and supermodels for having that pointed nose or well-defined cheekbones. Just kidding. But you see, media, televisions and magazines promotes an unreasonable standard for how a person should look. And they capitalize on these celebrities to convince the people that this is how a person should be to sell their products. Be it from the dress you wear to how you should look and even how your lifestyle should be they’ve got you covered.

Social medias play a big role too. They promote narcissism by allowing people to post retouched photos of themselves which actually are filtered to look good. Thanks to these mediums, people are now taking thousands of selfies in the bathroom scrutinizing them one by one whether it looks good for other people to see.

And these things along with other factors influence people and promote insecurities within them. Fueling it to the point where they actually change a part of their body which they consider as imperfect to conform to the standard.

But of course, there are some cases where people have done it because of medical issues. Perhaps because of birth defect or a nasal obstruction. Thanks to these procedures though, people who have these issues can now live a better life.

So what’s on it you ask? Having a surgery isn’t as that easy. It always carries its risk. One botched surgery for example, had a person’s nose cut off because of several infections that developed after she had done her rhinoplasty. While these may be one out of a hundred cases, the truth is that it’s there. And it’s not only the risk to consider. There several of them that may leave a lasting effect like scarring or nerve damage. And it’s a risk doctors’ advice their patients to think through before committing to any surgery.

It’s interesting to know that even after all these possible complications, people are still willing to go under the knife. And it doesn’t stop there, people are now publicly admitting that they’ve done several surgeries to their body. The fact that their willing to confess about their surgery proves to have both favorable and unfavorable consequences. On one side, they admit that they’re not born that way and that their chin isn’t how it should look. And on the flip side, having them admit publicly makes the thing more normal and even desired.

Yes sure, cosmetic surgeries can make you look good but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve become a different person. What it actually means is that you opted for a temporary fix.

The thing is, people do it to make them look different and to change whatever they think is ‘wrong’ with them. They do it often because they have issues within them and so that they can attract more attention and become more popular. However, the same person, who is unconfident to display who he/she really is, is still in that body. And no matter how many surgeries that person undergoes, it won’t fix the emotional dilemma that that person is going through.

So what’s the solution? Well, accepting who you really are and how you came in this world is a start. If you’re struggling with your insecurities then having a surgery won’t fix the problem. Build your self-confidence instead! There are a lot of ways you can improve yourself than opting for a surgery. Build your relationships, personality and style. Try new makeups, test different outfits, see what fits you and best of all be open to other options.

What you ought to be doing is accept the fact that you’re unique. Remind yourself that there is more to you than meets the eye. And that the thing that you don’t like about your body is just a part of who you are. Because nothing can make you happy as accepting who you are and knowing that you are perfect even after all your imperfections.

10 Expensive Perfumes You Probably Won’t Buy in Your Lifetime

To be fair, we need perfumes in our daily life not just to enhance our style but also often because we just love wearing one. A day without it isn’t just complete and gets us stuck with that plain laundry smell. That is why wearing a scent is really important when you want to make an impression in whatever environment you’re in. However, there are cases where a perfume is very expensive that it’ll starve you for a week when you choose to buy it. And it’s quite interesting that people still choose to invest in these perfumes. This brings us to our topic about top 10 expensive perfumes you probably won’t buy in your lifetime.

10) Annick Goutal Eau d’Hadrien

With a price tag of $441.18 per ounce, this perfume is just the entry level of the top ten list and it already drills a hole in the pocket. Eau d’Hadrien is a universal perfume ideal for individuals who like citrusy scent. The main ingredient for making this perfume comes from a flower of a tree that grows only in tropical areas called cananga tree. This is probably the reason why it’s quite expensive because the ingredients itself are difficult to obtain.

9) JAR Bolt of Lightning

Well you know those times where you cook something hard because there are a lot of ingredients? Well, the Bolt of Lightning perfume is very similar. With a price tag of $765 per ounce, this perfume is formulated with different ingredients such as musk, tuberose, green notes, ripe fruits, plants and mature flowers. The fragrance gives off a floral scent perfect for women. If you have a lot of dough to spare you can check it out and see if it suits you.

8) Joy By Jean Patou

The Joy perfume was launched in 1929 by Jean Patou. It was given the title as the “Scent of the Century” in 2000 and is regarded as a landmark in the floral category of perfumes. Due to this and together with its quality scent, the perfume rose among the most expensive perfumes in the world with its price tagged at $800 per ounce.

7) Caron Poivre

Poivre is a French word for pepper. This goes along with the characteristics of the perfume being fiery and spicy. With a price tag of $1,000 per ounce, it was considered for once as the most expensive perfume because it was sold in limited editions. If you’re looking to be fancy with your scent, this is actually a good perfume to check out.

6) Hermes 24 Faubourg

This perfume was created by a famous perfumer Maurice Roucel and launched in 1995 under the luxury brand Hermès. The bottle of the perfume itself is crafted carefully from St. Lois crystal. On top of that, there are only 1,000 bottles sold so you can make sure that your scent is unique in any event. The price is $1,500 per ounce by the way if you want one.

5) Clive Christian No. 1

Having a unique bottle is what makes perfume stand out in display shelves. Clive Christian did just that and created the perfume Clive Christian No. 1 which cost $2,150 per ounce. The luxury perfume has an aroma that is rich and exquisite and stands to meet the qualities of being an expensive perfume. It was considered at one time to be the most expensive perfume until it was overthrown by another.

4) Chanel Grand Extrait

Well, the name Chanel is a huge magnifier of the perfume’s value alone. Grand Extrait is a perfume produced in limited quantities making it $4,200 per ounce. The scent of the perfume is of floral genre and the materials used are boasted to come from Chanel’s very own fields. This makes it among the most expensive fragrance around the world and if you wish to have one it’ll surely cost you a month’s worth of salary.

3) Les Larmes Sacrees de Thebes

The perfume is limited edition. This is due to the fact that the company that produced the fragrance launched three perfumes and this one was the least produced. In addition to that, the bottle is made exquisitely in the form of a pyramid to depict a sense of Egyptian culture in it. The perfume costs about $6,800/ ounce and gives off a Middle Eastern smell. If you wish to have one but are quite short in money, you can purchase them in 0.25oz bottles. Still, it’s going to cost you a lot.

2) Clive Christian No. 1 Imperial Majesty

A very expensive perfume thanks to its very fancy bottle that boast a 5 carat diamond on the neck together with 18 carat gold as its collar. The perfume itself once took the place of being the most expensive perfume in the world owing to its rarity and with the names that made it. The aroma of the perfume is rich and elegant and the price for owning one is $12,721 per ounce.

1) DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar Fragrance Bottle

This perfume costs about 1 million dollars. Yes, you read it right! Due to the fact that its bottles are crafted with different carats of gold and diamonds to replicate the skyline of New York, the perfume cost more than an average person could make in several years. The fragrance is of wood genre and is quite exquisite to smell. If you have a lot of money to spare, you can purchase it. Don’t worry though, all the proceeds go to a charity.

Denim Essentials That Goes Along With Your Clothing and Scent

We go to accept it, denims are timeless. They are as relevant in today’s fashion as it was during the 90’s. Every day, we get to see different clothing styles pop out with matching denims in different magazines and billboards. And sure, they look great. With all that chambray shirts tucked in a ripped denim shorts, they’re perfect for any getaway events.

There are a ton of ways to wear a denim. They are so versatile that they can probably go to any occasions. Britney and Justin Timberlake even proved just that. And, why shouldn’t they be? They’re so cool and fabulous that no matter what type of fragrance or clothing you choose to wear, a denim will somehow compliment the style.

You can go along the trend or mix and match your own style of wearing it. Regardless, you should add it to your wardrobe to improve your style. Here are some denim essentials you should include in your everyday elegance.

1) Denim Jackets

Here’s the thing, jackets are classics especially if it’s a denim one. You can wear it at any season and it’ll look good. This is perhaps the reason why numerous people including celebrities never get tired of having them because you can literally put them on with different clothes. Denim jackets are great at toning down any flirty or colorful dress or scent you have while being cute. On top of that, they give away that casual look like you just put it on and it happened to look pretty in your outfit. So if you feel like going laid-back or classic find one that fits you well in local boutiques or thrift shops because they’re cool and it might just be what your wardrobe is missing.

2) Denim Shirts

Apparently, denims on denims is a thing to in today’s fashion. Celebrities do it and so should you. So grab yourself a chambray shirt and go along this trend. Don’t worry, they’re not the same as the jackets. Dress up your favorite jeans or skirts with a lighter shade chambray coupled with chill pieces to look extra chic. These denim shirts are very versatile and can go with different perfumes and clothing. Perfect for styling casual. Just find the right fit and play along the colors leaving some buttons open to look a little flirty. Transform that ordinary outfit into the perfect weekend style. The final output – you looking like your just about to pose for a cover in vouge!

3) Denim Jeans

This is pretty much self-explanatory. Denim jeans are a great addition to your collection of clothes because there’s just a million ways to style them. They fit in most events and there’s a style for every occasion. If you’re into skinnies go fashionable with a crop top underneath a flannel. If you’re looking into something new, try stepping in volume with wide flares coupled with a crop and some girly accessories.

Floral prints have also been a recent trend to add a girly touch in the jeans. If you want to be a little flirty, try to find some which have faded-wash to highlight those prints. Overall, you should invest in them but make sure you invest in the right fit.

4) Denim Skirts

If you want to look flattering try adding some skirts in your wardrobe. Denim skirts come in a variety of shape and style and it’s excellent in showing off your bodily figure. For professional look, go for a plain shirt and white heels and a clean looking denim skirt. If you’re into summer casuals, look flawless with styled tops and denim skater skirts. Miniskirts? Lace shirt tucked in pencils coupled with accessories. Definitely.

5) Denim Dress

If you want to go curtains down, why don’t you go all out and choose a dress instead. Denim dresses are a great way to look alluring but still look cute. They’re perfect for elegant perfume styles to have that sophisticated and feminine impression. They’re also durable because their denims so you don’t have to worry about any activities that may damage the dress. Layer it with some long sleeve and some embraided boots. Get some floppy hats and it’s going to work its magic to the crowd!

6) Denim Overalls

Overalls are like the fashion statements of denims. With most celebrities taking to social medias photos of themselves wearing it, overalls are making a comeback as the latest trend. It’s true that overall are hard to wear in every occasion, but they still are a good addon if you want to be trendy. Most overall are long pants but they also come in shorts and even dress versions. You can enhance your style by pairing it with a sporty perfume and be hippie throughout the day. Most overalls look great when coupled with long sleeve shirts or tops. Just don’t exaggerate on the accessories to much though because less is more!

7) Denim Bags

Perhaps the least heard of when talking about denims, denim bags are great for making a fashion statement. I don’t know there’s just something about this accessory that truly speaks for itself and completes the outfit. Because even if you don’t pair it with others denims, they’ll still look stylish with different clothing. I guess it’s with the denim material itself.  Regardless, when looking to be fashionable never forget to add denim bags in your collection. Because you’ll never know it just might be what you actually need to complete that flawless look you’ve always wanted


In conclusion, denims are just as important to have as other clothing when looking to be stylish. Even if you have other fashionable clothes, still make sure to add them and update your wardrobe on the latest denim craze.

Does Beauty Pills Safe and Effective?

It has been interested to talk about body build with non-neutral activity like jogging, exercise, and many thing else. If you think pills butt enhancement includes fastest way to get a bigger butt, you should consider that is everything for more beauty performance. Butt is also important to get it nice shape and you could be also discomfort with small fat butt shaping. As the expert said it would be hard add some muscle to your body looking feminine. Never think this way would be fail, or you can start with a dress which you buy once again for making butt looks like rising up. The effective vitamin which you can try is for a bigger booty growth. No one knows you can change your booty sudden and this is your opportunity to have nice booty. Well, how does the enhancement pill work on you booty? Does it influence woman healthier? Let’s discover to find the best answer to deal with it.

The Function of the Booty Pills Enhancement

There several functions that you have to know why people use this booty or buttocks enlargement.  The purpose of the pills is really not at all the same. As we know that the promotion of the pills are successes by the celebrities. The ingredients of the pills are also various whether it will get the faster result, or need a longer time to see the exactly result. You can search the development of the pills butt offer excessive enhancement. Do they influence bad impact for woman healthy? You can find the answer yourself. It is important think to know the ingredients. Here are the functions of pills butt you should know.

  • Increase the buttock volume including ass size, meat or fat in the buttocks.
  • Bumps the buttocks, so the ass forms up will not cause fat side effects.
  • Tighten the buttocks of the unformed into larger ones

It is ridiculous, even the product promising will guarantee and money back, if the result does not appear as soon as possible. Best seller pills for enhancement butt provide the formula to increase the butt, hips and thighs.  An active and natural ingredient helps to increase butt size naturally and effectively. This product industry add not specific ingredient in the pills. But, all of the pills are made from natural secrete ingredients.

What Cause Beauty Pills For Butt Has Side Effective

Pills for but enhancement belong to Dexamethasone. It is classified into banned medicine for high dosage called Glucocortico steroids. This type is for severe allergies (Height allergy medications) and it is also including into hypercalcemia associated with cancer, thyroiditis and so on. Dexamethasone can cause of  cushig’s syndrome for weight gain rapidly (chest, stomach). The weight gain can cause your face looks like a moon (moon shape around neck and shoulder). The other results include thin skin (stretch mark is worried) buttocks (fattier), baldness, insomnia, infertility, excessive sweating, and depression

Butt Review Exercise By Andrea

Change the health pattern with butt pills reviewed by Andrea. No pills are good for shaping larger butt for woman. Butts will look good without consuming the pills for butt enhancement.  To walk out the use of the practical pills for beauty can bother your hormone balance. Let’s back to the Andrea program for butt work out. The program is benefit to turn o the enzyme, wake up fat cells to store fat (on your butt, hips, and thighs). So, Andre asks you to activate the enzyme in your body. Have a beautiful shape for your butt in only 3 keys.

  1. Lower body movements (including butt work out) that help give you a slimmer body, a beautiful butt, hips and thighs.
  2. Available the instruction how to eat correctly to encourage fat loss.
  3. Summarizing of the woman thought on butt sculpting program.

The keys are the element of the program. Every woman can do it at home. Andrea divides the program in about 80% for diet, and 20% exercise. You must fight for your diet and the food as well. To form your butt, you need the supplement and vitamin for your butt. When you learn how to eat right, this program will lead you to the better place than consuming the pills. Get a cheat day with her diet plan together Andrea.

Skincare Essentials to Keep Your Skin Smell and Look Good

So let’s say you’re in this gathering. And in this gathering, you met this person whose skin just radiates with confidence. And then you’re like, “Whoaa, she looks fantastic!”

A voice then suddenly kicks in your head saying, “I wish a had that skin too.”

Well, the good news is that you can and it’s pretty easy. Having a skin that stands out in any occasion is just a matter of taking care of it and putting in the right products. This leads us to our topic about skincare essentials you need to have in you in order to get that perfect skin you’ve always wanted.

1) Cleanser

Cleansers are a basic thing to have in any type of skin care kits. And a kit without it shouldn’t be called a skincare kit at all because they’re as that important in keeping your skin at top condition.

When you come back home after a long day at work, use cleansers to remove those oil and dirt accumulated by your face during the day. The reason is that oil and dirt can clog the pores in your skin and when you leave it at that then acnes may follow. Use water to loosen up your skin and remove those extra dirt, then gently apply cleansers in your face. During morning, remove those early impurities by doing the same thing. Develop a habit of doing this every day and you’ll cultivate a healthy-looking skin.

Depending on your skin type, there are several types of cleanser to choose from. Dry and sensitive skin should opt for milky types of cleanser as these are more gentle and subtle. Foaming cleansers are good for people who have very oily skins while micellar are good for those who easily get irritated with normal tap water. There are a ton of cleansers out there that best suit any skin type and any occasion so make sure you check them out.

2) Exfoliants

Exfoliation is important to achieve smooth and glowing skin. This is because old cells are removed during the process and are replaced by new ones. Exfoliation can be done in two ways, mechanical and chemical.

Mechanical exfoliation involves using a scrub or microdermabrasion to buff away dead skins and impurities. Many people prefer this because they can feel the dead cells peeling away from their skin. Individuals who have sensitive skin are not advised to use mechanical exfoliators as it may irritate the skin.

Chemical exfoliation involves having chemical exfoliants dissolves the cell so you can wash it after. This is by far the most common method used when exfoliating because it is much more gentle and convenient.

It doesn’t matter if you use one or both as long as it suits you. Just remember that when exfoliating, only do it once or twice a week or maybe three and not more than that to avoid damaging the skin.

3) Sunscreen

The sun can damage the skin easily especially if you take a long time under it. Obviously, you wouldn’t want that to happen so investing in a good sunscreen is essential. Sunscreens are a great way to safeguard your skin from those harmful rays of the sun. These harmful rays can cause skin to age prematurely, develop brown spots, melanoma and even skin cancer. When going out on the open make sure you bring sunscreen in your skincare kit. Not only will it provide protection but also provide charm on your skin by giving it a scent. This is actually good when you want to brush up your scent during work when the scent from your perfume have long been gone.

4) Moisturizer

Skins are naturally moist after a shower. However, after you’ve rubbed your towel and put on some clothes they easily turn dry especially during winter. The fact is, having a moisturized skin makes you look younger and healthy as compared to having a dry skin. And it’s for this reason why you should invest in some moisturizer. Moisturizers are a great add-on to your skin essentials as these helps make your skin look good by removing wrinkles and reducing blemishes. They also act as a barrier against irritants which you encounter throughout the day.

Moisturizers are also a good way to make your skin smell good. This is due to the fact that moisturizers have fragrances which when applied to the skin provides a scent that last long. If, however, you have a perfume and don’t want to mix the scent, choose to invest in moisturizes that are odorless. This way you can make your scent stand out and last long.

5) Eye Cream

Healthy skin around your eyes is just as important to achieve when making your skin stand out in any event. After all, you wouldn’t want to have glowing bodily skin and dark eyebags. Which leads us to another must-have in any skin care routine which is eye creams. Eye creams are like moisturizers only that it’s specialized for the finer skin around the eyes.

Applying eye cream in the regions around your eyes revitalizes and invigorates the skin in these areas thereby reducing the wrinkles and fine lines. Choose the products that best suits the skin problem around your eyes. If you want to reduce wrinkles then opt for creams which have antioxidants. For reducing dark circles, choose creams which have brighteners in them to reduce the shade.

6) Repair Products

Truth be told, your skin goes through a lot. And just like any super car needs a maintenance, your skin needs repair products too. Investing in skincare products like repair creams is an essential thing to do to bring back the healthy cells in your skin. Doing so will not only give you a better complexion but also help in making your skin standout as it should be.

There are numerous products available out there that help repair and rejuvenate you skin. Preferably, choose those products that have vitamins A and antioxidants as these proves to be good for the skin.


In conclusion, achieving a healthy looking skin requires you to invest some time in learning the right essential and the right procedure to achieve them. Because no matter what complexion your skin comes from, as long as you take proper care of it with the right essentials, your skin will look good and will do so for years to come.



How to Properly Apply Your Signature Scent


Let’s face it, perfumes have become an integral part of our society. Be it in a date, an outing or simply going to work we wear it not only to smell good but to brand ourselves of having that perfume. This is perhaps the main reason why designer perfumes are sought out to and are a thing in today’s world because others want their smell to be unique. With that in mind whether it’s an unbranded perfume or a top dollar, fortune breaker one, we want to make sure that others can perceive us through that smell. We want them to smell it and associate it with us. And the way to do that is by properly applying the perfume we want to wear. But how do we do that? Well, just keep on reading and we’ll show you just how.

Have you heard about pressure points? Yes, those areas in our body where heat can easily dissipate. Well, they’re also called pulse points and damn sure their good at pulsing out the smell too! It’s because these parts of our body are naturally warm. And these warmness helps in diffusing the scent of the perfume. Much like how frozen leftovers smell good when their heated rather than when their cold. And because these areas in our body are close to body parts which we often use to socialize they also help make the scent scatter that easily. However not all pressure points of our body are ideal for placing the perfume. Some are just covered entirely with clothes and some are well let’s just say not sensible to be spray with. Pressure points like the neck and wrist are good places to spray the perfume with. There are also other pressure point areas like behind the ears and knees but these areas are often neglected because they’re remote and are hard to access. Choose to utilize these pressure points to your advantage by spraying perfume on these areas. Just squirt directly a couple of those perfumes and dab it to spread.

Some experts would say that it is not ideal to spray perfumes on your clothes. While this may be true, it’s not in all cases that we’ll have readily available areas in the body that we can just spray the thing into. In such cases, we resort to putting our perfumes in our clothes. And there are several reasons why doing so couldn’t be such a bad thing. Firstly, when you shop for a perfume you’ll notice that most perfumers use a small piece of cloth or a paper to take a sample. To increase the probability of the customers to buy, perfumes are now made to smell good in a cloth or a paper. And this is why putting some in your clothes might not be a bad idea too and who knows it may even smell better than when sprayed on skin. Secondly, wouldn’t it be much greater if we just put it on our clothes so people can smell it better. Having it in the clothes is really just different because when we move the scent just goes along with the movement. And the stains you say? Pfft.. They’re just small sprays and even if it creates stains it can easily be removed during laundry.

Did you know that our hair can be a good carrier of our scent too? Yes, our hair! I remember quite some time ago I was hanging out with my friend and noticed the perfume that she wears because it just radiates in her throughout the day. And then I noticed, it was in her hair all the time that’s why I couldn’t get rid of it. The point is, hair can be a great place to spray the perfume into as it easily whips those smell off along with our head movement. Women can take advantage of this as they have longer hair and often use hair products which don’t or have minimal scent. Make sure to not spray heavily though to avoid having extreme scents from the perfume especially in this case where it is in the head. One method I find useful to avoid this is by using the cloud method. Just spray the perfume over the air and then place your head over the cloud of perfume. This way you can make sure that the perfume is evenly distributed throughout your head.

The intensity of the spritz also play an important role in making the perfume stand out during any occasion. When spraying it in the body or clothes makes sure that the strength of the scent is quite noticeable. However, this can go the wrong way too if it is over sprayed. Much like how the saying goes, too much of a good thing is a bad thing this also applies when applying perfumes. Avoid spraying over a concentrated area of the body to keep the scent light and not too extreme. You can do this by spraying the perfume 5 – 7 inches away from your skin or clothes to scatter it over the area. Also try not to overdo the spraying over a particular area as most perfumes have bold scent and spraying again may make the smell too much for others to handle. Determine just how much you should spray by experimenting over again and by doing this you can make sure you applied the right amount to make it stand out.

As what many experts believe, there is actually no right or wrong way to spray your perfume. Spray it however you want because at the end of the day it’s your perfume after all. And no one can tell you how your scent should smell. Be it a spritz or a dab at pressure points any method works as long as you make sure that it compliments you and brands you of having that perfume.

Pick a Concentration

Aromas come in four unique levels of fixation. As the fixation gets higher, the cost normally gets higher also. Ordinarily, colognes or fragrances with high focus have an all the more capable aroma and last more. They can be somewhat expensive, however, a few people feel the higher cost is totally justified, despite all the trouble. The most noteworthy fixation is basically called aroma or perfume. This level, as a rule, will last throughout the day with only one application to the wrists or heartbeat focuses. The following lower level is Eau de perfume, which ordinarily can last around six hours after application. The third level is called eau de toilette and is generally genuinely reasonable and simple to discover in retail locations. It commonly requires more than one application for the duration of the day to inspire it to last. The fourth and most reduced scent fixation is eau de cologne, which just endures around two hours.

10 Proofs That You’re Taste In Fashion Is Changing

What are types of fashion do you like the most? Sometime, it can cause misunderstand idea why people can change the fashion following the age, sense, year, and many more. Shopping new fashion is the reality life commonly, and new fashion actually can bring you in different look or style. Most of designer agrees that fashion does not change, only the style and model that is adapted from old theme style. It does not mean you are unchanged. Generally, fashion style is referred to the group of similarities in pattern, fabric, style line and mostly the product of fashion always play with color, pattern, material, and size. It means that the color has various and it covers the model of cloth, shoe, accessories, and many thing else related to fashion. Can you tell me what fashion can change your life?

1. Social Life change the sense of fashion

If you are moved to another different countries than yours, automatically you fashion can adapt the fashion of people around you. The culture of Asian, Western, European, brings your whole life want to try adapted of a piece of custom.  For example, the knitting wool cardigant is the favorite style from a cold area. It is weird when you put on the silk fit cardigant for this area. The size can also bring you to know how comfortable you are, when the model is not fit in yours. So, you need the model and style that make you embarrassed when you visit a country. Well, it is up to you, when your fashion sense is changed.

2. Profession change your sense fashion

Did you believe the changing of sense is also followed by someone profession. Donald Trump is judged worst fashion ever president in America. Not exactly right most of people want to change the way of look his self to be more trusted profession. If you are a Doctor, it is weird to see your patient with short pan and sunglasses. So, your fashion is changed, because of being a doctor, it is reasonable to collect the branded tuxedo, watch, glasses and formal shoe.

3. Need exercise for changing mood

Some woman are crazy of knee high boots or how to make look gorgeous in feet? Do you have any idea? Yes, of course right you need some exercise to have a perfect body, butt, leg, arm, and also face. As we know feet are one of the focal point of our body. Daily exercise such as jogging, aerobic, cycling makes your style is changing.

4. New wearing mode change your sense fashion

How often do you go shopping? I think this is the main point can change the sense of people fashion. People wants thing that looks like new, such as new dress motif, brighter shoes color, new leather jacket, knee low boots, and many more.

5. Successful promoter need fashion sense

Successful promoter is the demands to serve people well and kindly. So, is it true whatever your goal to change people mind, sense, and ideas. Reliable persuaders change their fashion to persuade people, or trust with his/her promotion. So, be careful to choose the fashion.

6. Posture Body

When you did these daily exercises such as jogging, aerobic, cycling makes your style is changing. The posture of the body brings many people to change the sense of their style. Body building changes the form, shape, muscle of people. So, you play with size now.

7. Age-Want to look younger

Age also make your fashion can change. You can not lie to age, but you can lie to people with your fashion. A simple motif of casual wear is the young taste of fashion. Most of aged 30-40 of people wear this casual style.

8. Price changes your sense fashion

The affordable price is the favorite requirement for people who not classified as bourgeois. The fashion is judged as their needs; even the price is cheaper or expensive. The condition of the economical in people life could change everything including fashion.

9. Status of Life

Did you know Kate Middleton? She is not ordinary citizen after married with Prince William. You know her fashion is very much changed. Simple word, after you married and it is clearly right can change your fashion.

10. Dissatisfaction with the product

This is the last that make people want to change the sense of fashion. The quality of fashion experiences will be advanced, stuck, or not at all. Sometime, it can influence to move to another model when the old style is no longer good.