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September 12, 2017
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September 27, 2017

Chanel released the fifth and latest iteration of its No. 5 scent – a long line of perfume initially introduced in 1921 by Gabrielle Chanel. It’s a total remake of the iconic scent which has been among the flagship of perfumes marketed by the luxury brand Chanel. The scent first made its way to public as a perfume intended to capture the essence of a complex woman at that time. Made out of a combination of ingredients such as jasmine, bergamot, sandalwood and the famous ylang-ylang flower the perfume designer triumphed over the different scents at that time which often consisted of only a single note.

The perfume was a success because the production that goes into making the perfume was revolutionary during that time. To add complexity to the scent, the couturier included aldehydes – a synthetic component which is a first.  Together with the great marketing strategy made by the luxury brand, the perfume established itself as an emblem of a modern woman.

But as time changes the perfume must also improve to accommodate the scent of modern times especially with fashion evolving daily. And that’s where the fifth iteration advances the line of this scent. The scent is reinvented to make it fresher and cleaner for a rapidly changing consumer while maintaining the essence which made it a success.

The perfume has a flowery scent thanks to the oils which according to a source comes from Centifolia rose fields in Grasse, France. This estate is owned Mr. Mul which is a 6.5 acres of roses in Pegomas he inherited from his grandfather. The roses of the field are marketed exclusively only for Chanel over the last 30 years. The site also has a factory for extracting oils for Chanel’s other fragrances.

This not only ensures that the quality of the scent is maintained by Chanel itself but also that the scent is unique. Also, this proves that Chanel is determined to be a luxury brand by having its products made from premium ingredients.

To attract not only just the modern women but also the hippie teens that constantly look for something to make a fashion statement, Chanel made the fifth iteration a little edgy by adding some lemon and orange over the scent of the perfume. At the centre of the scent, you can smell that notes of rose combined with jasmine. Surely the fragrance will instantly make you a chic – a modern name for a stylish sophisticated woman.

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