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So a friend tells you about having a plastic surgery.  Perhaps because she wanted to look better or wanted a change. How would you react? Would you feel it’s okay? Perhaps you too have something you want to change in your body. Would you want to opt for a surgery?

If you feel that you have flaws you need to correct in your body and thought of a surgery to fix the problem then you’re not the only one having these issues. The truth of the matter is that aesthetic surgeries have become a thing these days to fix ‘imperfections’. To the point where they’re much like having your teeth fixed or having a new haircut. A study revealed that as much as 1.7 million cosmetic surgeries have been done across America alone in the year 2016. It’s a pretty huge number I know.

But this doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. It simply reflects how numerous people are insecure of their body and how the “perfect” nose or the “perfect” buttocks are accepted as the norm in today’s standard.

And people are being indifferent about it. Some would say that if you want it and you feel like that would make you happy then who is everyone to tell you what to do with your body. That may be true but this also leads to a dangerous environment for people who’ve undergone those surgeries, some of whom will at some point regret that they’ve done it. 

So what’s causing this thing you ask? Well, you can blame just about any celebrity and supermodels for having that pointed nose or well-defined cheekbones. Just kidding. But you see, media, televisions and magazines promotes an unreasonable standard for how a person should look. And they capitalize on these celebrities to convince the people that this is how a person should be to sell their products. Be it from the dress you wear to how you should look and even how your lifestyle should be they’ve got you covered.

Social medias play a big role too. They promote narcissism by allowing people to post retouched photos of themselves which actually are filtered to look good. Thanks to these mediums, people are now taking thousands of selfies in the bathroom scrutinizing them one by one whether it looks good for other people to see.

And these things along with other factors influence people and promote insecurities within them. Fueling it to the point where they actually change a part of their body which they consider as imperfect to conform to the standard.

But of course, there are some cases where people have done it because of medical issues. Perhaps because of birth defect or a nasal obstruction. Thanks to these procedures though, people who have these issues can now live a better life.

So what’s on it you ask? Having a surgery isn’t as that easy. It always carries its risk. One botched surgery for example, had a person’s nose cut off because of several infections that developed after she had done her rhinoplasty. While these may be one out of a hundred cases, the truth is that it’s there. And it’s not only the risk to consider. There several of them that may leave a lasting effect like scarring or nerve damage. And it’s a risk doctors’ advice their patients to think through before committing to any surgery.

It’s interesting to know that even after all these possible complications, people are still willing to go under the knife. And it doesn’t stop there, people are now publicly admitting that they’ve done several surgeries to their body. The fact that their willing to confess about their surgery proves to have both favorable and unfavorable consequences. On one side, they admit that they’re not born that way and that their chin isn’t how it should look. And on the flip side, having them admit publicly makes the thing more normal and even desired.

Yes sure, cosmetic surgeries can make you look good but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve become a different person. What it actually means is that you opted for a temporary fix.

The thing is, people do it to make them look different and to change whatever they think is ‘wrong’ with them. They do it often because they have issues within them and so that they can attract more attention and become more popular. However, the same person, who is unconfident to display who he/she really is, is still in that body. And no matter how many surgeries that person undergoes, it won’t fix the emotional dilemma that that person is going through.

So what’s the solution? Well, accepting who you really are and how you came in this world is a start. If you’re struggling with your insecurities then having a surgery won’t fix the problem. Build your self-confidence instead! There are a lot of ways you can improve yourself than opting for a surgery. Build your relationships, personality and style. Try new makeups, test different outfits, see what fits you and best of all be open to other options.

What you ought to be doing is accept the fact that you’re unique. Remind yourself that there is more to you than meets the eye. And that the thing that you don’t like about your body is just a part of who you are. Because nothing can make you happy as accepting who you are and knowing that you are perfect even after all your imperfections.

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