Makeup Tricks for this Autumn Season

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October 2, 2017

Makeup can be done in a lot of ways. And there is no wrong or right way of doing it. However, it is always good to be open and learn some techniques to improve your skill. These makeup tricks will keep you looking fantastic and along with the trend during this season.

Hydrate your skin

A little hydration wakes up your skin tone and allows beauty products to glide on seamlessly. Swipe on a moisturizing toner and then place line-smoothing patches under eyes and over smile line for 10 minutes. These two areas “have skin that easily wrinkles,” so extra moisture is crucial. Then massage on eye-cream and facial moisturizer.

The V-zone

Mix a cream foundation with an opaque concealer (using slightly more of the latter in your concoction). For a quick “facelift,” apply the mix with a flat foundation brush over your V-zone: Place the brush towards the top of your cheekbone and tap the mixture diagonally down towards the center of your chin. Do this on the other side of your face. Your skin is thickest here and generally has the most flaws, so this is where you want the topmost coverage. Blend inward and outward from the V-zone. This technique is the reason why a lot of celebrities appear to have bare skin when they’re putting on makeup.

Switch on the lights

That glowing skin look that just radiates? Powdering luminizer across the top of cheekbones helps. Afterward, rather than reaching for the usual glow- getter-bronzer- you should opt for pink blush (or a tone that most resembles your natural flush). With the flat side of a powder brush, which deposits pigment more evenly than the head, sweep the shade over the apples of your cheeks, along your hairline, and across your chin. You want to look as fresh and healthy as a baby.

Apply invisible eyeliner

Take a liner brush and dot the gel between each lash – never above or below. This ensures the liner isn’t obvious and looks natural. Then apply a coat of mascara, a coat of fiber-rich brow mousse, and another layer of mascara. Adding the fibers makes lashes look fluffy and thick, not fake.

Paint Popsicle lips

Perfect skin may take center stage, but a sheer lip stain in coral or raspberry is the prop that’ll keep you from looking washed out. To play up your pout, line lips with your concealer foundation combo, and then do a three-step application: one layer of balm, one layer of stain, and another layer of balm.  Cushioning the color between a salve makes lips appear even fuller and the color even dewier.

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