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July 14, 2017
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August 3, 2017


Let’s face it, perfumes have become an integral part of our society. Be it in a date, an outing or simply going to work we wear it not only to smell good but to brand ourselves of having that perfume. This is perhaps the main reason why designer perfumes are sought out to and are a thing in today’s world because others want their smell to be unique. With that in mind whether it’s an unbranded perfume or a top dollar, fortune breaker one, we want to make sure that others can perceive us through that smell. We want them to smell it and associate it with us. And the way to do that is by properly applying the perfume we want to wear. But how do we do that? Well, just keep on reading and we’ll show you just how.

Have you heard about pressure points? Yes, those areas in our body where heat can easily dissipate. Well, they’re also called pulse points and damn sure their good at pulsing out the smell too! It’s because these parts of our body are naturally warm. And these warmness helps in diffusing the scent of the perfume. Much like how frozen leftovers smell good when their heated rather than when their cold. And because these areas in our body are close to body parts which we often use to socialize they also help make the scent scatter that easily. However not all pressure points of our body are ideal for placing the perfume. Some are just covered entirely with clothes and some are well let’s just say not sensible to be spray with. Pressure points like the neck and wrist are good places to spray the perfume with. There are also other pressure point areas like behind the ears and knees but these areas are often neglected because they’re remote and are hard to access. Choose to utilize these pressure points to your advantage by spraying perfume on these areas. Just squirt directly a couple of those perfumes and dab it to spread.

Some experts would say that it is not ideal to spray perfumes on your clothes. While this may be true, it’s not in all cases that we’ll have readily available areas in the body that we can just spray the thing into. In such cases, we resort to putting our perfumes in our clothes. And there are several reasons why doing so couldn’t be such a bad thing. Firstly, when you shop for a perfume you’ll notice that most perfumers use a small piece of cloth or a paper to take a sample. To increase the probability of the customers to buy, perfumes are now made to smell good in a cloth or a paper. And this is why putting some in your clothes might not be a bad idea too and who knows it may even smell better than when sprayed on skin. Secondly, wouldn’t it be much greater if we just put it on our clothes so people can smell it better. Having it in the clothes is really just different because when we move the scent just goes along with the movement. And the stains you say? Pfft.. They’re just small sprays and even if it creates stains it can easily be removed during laundry.

Did you know that our hair can be a good carrier of our scent too? Yes, our hair! I remember quite some time ago I was hanging out with my friend and noticed the perfume that she wears because it just radiates in her throughout the day. And then I noticed, it was in her hair all the time that’s why I couldn’t get rid of it. The point is, hair can be a great place to spray the perfume into as it easily whips those smell off along with our head movement. Women can take advantage of this as they have longer hair and often use hair products which don’t or have minimal scent. Make sure to not spray heavily though to avoid having extreme scents from the perfume especially in this case where it is in the head. One method I find useful to avoid this is by using the cloud method. Just spray the perfume over the air and then place your head over the cloud of perfume. This way you can make sure that the perfume is evenly distributed throughout your head.

The intensity of the spritz also play an important role in making the perfume stand out during any occasion. When spraying it in the body or clothes makes sure that the strength of the scent is quite noticeable. However, this can go the wrong way too if it is over sprayed. Much like how the saying goes, too much of a good thing is a bad thing this also applies when applying perfumes. Avoid spraying over a concentrated area of the body to keep the scent light and not too extreme. You can do this by spraying the perfume 5 – 7 inches away from your skin or clothes to scatter it over the area. Also try not to overdo the spraying over a particular area as most perfumes have bold scent and spraying again may make the smell too much for others to handle. Determine just how much you should spray by experimenting over again and by doing this you can make sure you applied the right amount to make it stand out.

As what many experts believe, there is actually no right or wrong way to spray your perfume. Spray it however you want because at the end of the day it’s your perfume after all. And no one can tell you how your scent should smell. Be it a spritz or a dab at pressure points any method works as long as you make sure that it compliments you and brands you of having that perfume.

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