Tips to Make Fragrance Testing as Simple as Possible

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Before looking to purchase a new fragrance, you should do some testing. This can typically be a problematic and cumbersome ordeal. In this posting, however, we show you what to do in order to make the overall process of testing as fast, simple and certain as possible.


To start it all off, don’t visit the perfumery when sick, hungry or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any medication. Remember never to use any fragrance on your skin before departing from home because this interferes with scent detection.

Applying a lot of fragrances on your skin all at once is a no. It keeps you from forming an opinion and properly identifying a tested perfume.

Perfume testing must start in the morning when your nose is fresh and most sensitive. The morning is also the best time to go shopping since there are less customer and perfumery are quieter during this time period. Another advantage to this is that at this time most of the consultants are free so you can choose from them and they will have more time to assist you in selecting the right perfume. At lunch time, in the evenings or at the weekend this is often impossible.


The initial step of perfume testing is to splash just a little on to some blotten paper – those special paper sample sheets used to present fragrances. These papers will enable you get rid of any fragrance that you don’t like right from the beginning. Remember not to touch the blotter with your nose as this makes perfume testing more difficult.

Don’t fall for the misconception that smelling coffee cleanses the nose. The smell of the coffee covers the nose just as much as other smells do.


Testing perfumes on your clothing doesn’t make any sense as it makes checking whether you are allergic to the perfume impossible and can ruin the fabric. Hence, always test perfumes on your skin. In the opinion of a well-known perfumer Jean Clead Ellena, the perfect spot to squirt the perfume is the outside of the forearm. There is a greater surface area for evaporation to happen and it’s a better location than there is for allowing the perfume to develop.

If you test fragrances on your wrists, bear in mind not to rub them together. It can damage the perfume composition or even irritate the skin.

Be sure to jot down the names of any perfume that you want otherwise you might forget them.

Give yourself some time. You can be sure that you won’t find and perfect fragrance in 5 minutes. It’s simply impossible. The nose becomes tired pretty rapidly. In order to avoid a potential headache and the mix of fragrances, try not to test more than three scents together.

Test perfume carefully. The scent will last better and longer if you spilled half a bottle onto yourself.

Request for free perfume samples. They’ll offer the chance to test perfumes at home. This will enable you to see how, with time, a perfume develops on your skin and will also give you the opportunity to reconsider and avoid any anger or perhaps frustration caused by a terrible purchase.


Before making your final perfume choice, ask your significant other about their opinion. If they don’t like it you’d hardly ever wear the fragrance. And that’s something you’d like to avoid.

To sum it all up, perfume testing is really an easy task once you learn what to do. Enjoy employing your new skills in perfume testing and good luck.

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